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Air Showers.
The Self-contained ready to install and use Personnel air shower Chamber type DOSH are designed to reduce contaminants carried by personnel entering a controlled clean and rooms.
DOSH Air Shower are suitable for a wide range of clean space applications and classes.
Before entering the clean room, personnel under an air rinse by pressurized air streams from nozzles at velocity about 30 m/sec. which ensure scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter.
The air flow covers the entire chamber and directs the particles downward through wall grilles into the filter where all particles as small as 0.3 microns, depending on type of filter used, are removed, before flowing back into the chamber.
DOSH Air Shower is equipped with Automatic switching and control facilities:
The fan is switched on automatically as soon as the personnel enter and close the entry door.
The fans is switched off automatically at the end operating time, which is preset according to the cleaning effectiveness desired, 15-20 seconds.
Automatic locking and unlocking of entry and exit doors.
Standard Features.
Small floor space requirement.
Minimum maintenance.
Motor TEFC, IP 55, class F insulation.
Adjustable Nozzles.
Heavy duty fan wheel, with backward curved, statically and dynamically balanced.
Fluorescent light fixture.
Pre-wired starter – control unit.
Access panels to the motor, fan and filters for easy maintenance.
Cabinet constricted form a insulated double skin heavy gauge mild steel panels, with electrostatic protection paint for low noise.
Sound acoustic design not only for the fan/motor unit but also for the entire air shower chamber.
Vision glass panel air tight doors.
Hammam Industries one year warranty.
After seals local services.
Optional Features
Filters, HEPA, and pre-filter choice to suite your specific application.
Aluminum grated floor with clean out pan.
Magnehelic pressure gauges for filters.
UV lighting to make the dust particles visible.
Custom design and build to exact dimensions and specification, of the customer.
Spark proof fan and explosion proof motors.
Anti-static flooring.
Remotely mounted fan/motor unit.
Emergency shutdown button and alarm.
Stainless steel, aluminum or other material/finish for the housing and the interior.
Engineering assistance.
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