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Hammam Industries activities can be expressed in three main categories:
1. Engineering Products:
Fans and Blowers for industrial processes and industrial air applications.
Fans and Ventilators for general ventilation and HVAC application.
Smoke extraction fans.
Fans for central air conditioning and other air handling equipment.
Fans and blowers for material transportation air systems.
Corrosive resistance Fume extraction fans.
Air handling units and evaporative air cooling.
Cooling towers for industrial and air conditioning application.
Industrial dust dry filters / collectors .
Hammam Industries & CO. PRESIDENT Eng. Mohamed Hammam Surrounded by 12 smoke extraction fans supplied for ElOruba Vehicle Tunnel in Cairo
Wet scrubbers for industrial air cleaning.
Vibration and noise control equipment.
Components, accessories and spare parts used for central air conditioning and ventilation systems such as dampers, flexible duct connectors, extraction arms, hoods, heaters, filters, controls, etc.
2. Industrial air pollution abatement projects:
The Project Department in Hammam Industries have gained over the years the experience
needed for solving even the most difficult air pollution problem in every industry including Ceramics, Cement, Food, Chemicals, Oil, Foundries, Power Stations, Plastics, Steel,
Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical and many
Hammam experts shall inspect the industrial process and establish the source(s) and the
kind of contamination and the level of concentration in the polluted air wither fumes,
dust or odor and compare with the allowable levels. The complete technical and price offers
are prepared and submitted for client approval
just few days after inspection with full guarantee
of results.
Inspector from GEICO, Italy discussing, with Mr. Victor, the production manager,
Hammam manufacturing capability
and facilities in 6 October city
3. After sales and maintenance services:
The after sales service department in Hammam Industries is alert round the clock to response
and provide the following services:
On site fans assembly supervision.
Operation and component inspection.
Measurement of performance of fan and components.
Noise level measurement.
Vibration measurement.
Fan balancing at required speed.
Examination and alignment of coupling and axe.
Evaluation of fans performance in comparison with required technical performance data levels.
Hammam Sales Team in a workshop session
Inspection of assembled components determining warranty validity.
Initiation of inspection thus determination of faults and evaluated condition determining prevention.
Periodical maintenance via agreed maintenance contracts either periodically or upon
Effective planning during required stoppage time for required maintenance duration to minimize effects on your production line.
Repairs conducted in smallest time span possible.
Providing original spare parts and onsite store management and organization of Hammam spare parts.
Obtaining detailed technical data of fans and management of such data.
Editing and updating fan quality and thus functionality.
Onsite training of customer staff to obtain customer independence and self confidence
upon request.
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