Our Products
Dust Control & Fume Equipment.
Importing advanced technology and components from world leaders firms Hammam Industries
has developed the local capability for the manufacturing and supply of dust and fume control equipment for various plants of industrial and /or commercial nature.
The company staff of engineers with experience shall provide consultation and help to their customers in order to establish the air pollution problem and choose the appropriate abatement equipment.
We remove dust and fumes particles resulting from the following plants and operations:
Foundries, Cement, Ceramics, Glass, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgy, Food, , Paper, Plastics, Energy, Textile, Minerals, Thermal cutting, Powder coating and others.
Cleaning Equipment includes:
Cyclones - high efficiency.
Cyclones - high capacity.
Venturi wet scrubbers.
Activated Carbon Filters.
Portable extraction / filter collector package units.
Rotary Drum Filters and Compact Pre-filters for textile dust.
Extraction Terminals:
Flexible Arms.
Work benches.
Canopy, Slots and enclosed Hoods of a custom design for efficient capturing.
Control Booth.
Flexible hose reels.
Stationary vacuum systems.
Clean rooms and booths.
Air Washer
Our Efficient, valuable and long life lasting air washers are used for cleaning, cooling and humidifying air in closed areas, thus improving air quality and the environment.
Many types are available from Hammam Industries. Dependant on the client requirement
and technical specification we shall deign and construct any unit size from 1,000 to200,000 cu. meter per hour with humidification efficiency up to 95%.
Air washers are always made from corrosive resistant material and component. The high performance spray nozzles are heat proof up tp 130 degree C. and are self cleaning type.
The wide choice .
between different materials is available to our customer for selection. Stainless steel,
galvanized steel with epoxy treatment or fibreglass.
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