Our Company
Design and Engineering Capability:
Hammam Industries are extremely proud and confident of our unbeatable and unquestionable, highly regarded experience in our filed of specialization.
Strengthening our production & providing services on a professional level well known for this
reason by our many satisfied customers. We are well aware that to compete in today’s market
and keep up with demand staying one step ahead we are continuously developing our
knowledge through past & present experience maintaining low cost effective designs, drawings
and specifications for project initiation.
Our Engineering Department who rely and care about smallest technical specification detail,
which is provided and appreciated at all stages of processing the customer order within
Hammam organization starting from design, offer, sales, purchase, production, quality control, storage, etc. once again emphasizing Hammam’s strong engineering capabilities thanks to
the 25 engineers and 60 technicians Who make the job possible at Hammam.
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