Our Company
Our Vision :
Hammam Industries see its business through three Core Inputs.
1. Objective
To fulfill the national needs of industrial projects, infrastructure projects, general building sector & vital construction with advanced national products and services of highest quality level at competitive price and short delivery. Also to develop products for export market needs.
To provide an affordable economy solutions
for industrial air pollution problems, thus controlling the workplace environment and the level of pollution emission into the atmosphere.
2. Quality:
Eng Ehab Hammam GENERAL MANAGER during
the inspection of Hammam factory for pre-qualification by specialists from Hitachi
LTD, Japan
Five permanent values are to remain at Hammam Industries unchangeable over many years to come:
Excellence in customer service.
Constantly updating & implementing today’s available technology.
An active strict product quality control.
Staying ahead of competition.
Play an active and responsible roll towards the society and children’s future for the better.
3. long term goals:
Hammam Industries have set specific goals which believed to be realistic and achievable, but needs a lot of efforts and challenge.
Triple company turnover.
Increasing export penetrating middle east & African nations.
Develop products to carry internationally recognized approvals and seals for our industry.
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