Industrial Ventilation Projects
Hammam Industries initial activities included a strong range of fans not only for general ventilation and air conditioning, but also included the complete range of the heavy duty and corrosive resistance fans for every industrial application.
In return this led to discovery of increasing customer need for solutions to the indoor and outdoor air pollution resulting from the industrial process. Not only to comply with the local authorities regulations but also for increasing the productivity and improving in quality of the products this is now one of Hammam's major specializations: The engineering solutions, design, manufacturing and installation of dust and fume control systems.
We have been involved and gained experience in unique and specific air pollution problems in various industrial enterprises including plants for cement, ceramics, metal melting and refining foundries, flour mills, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, glass, acrylic, Plastic, aluminum smelters, paper, power, water treatment and others.
The company is recognized and recommended by the Egyptian environmental authorities and consultants, for providing fume and dust control equipment and/or turnkey solutions supported by staff of experienced engineers, manufacturing and testing facilities, maintenance, stock of spare parts and a sound organization for after sales on site services and training.
Today we invite you to enjoy the benefits offered by Hammam Industries both environmentally and financially.




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