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Wet Scrubber Specification.
The Impingement Wet scrubber shall be plug gage resistant, high absorption efficiency for
dust, gases and vapors. This high efficiency of not less than 97% for particles 5 microns or
larger shall be achieved by a single or multiple stages, with the possibility for adding more
stages latter on site to improve the efficiency to handle future requirement. The highest
efficiency of the Impingement scrubber shall be achieved at a low pressure drop, which
must not to exceed 6 inches, W.G. The scrubbing liquid consumption shall not exceed 3
GPM per 1000 ACFM.
The Scrubber shell shall be constructed from either reinforced glass fiber material or from
heavy gauge carbon steel material with epoxy treatment for maximum anti-corrosion. The impingement baffle and the mist eliminator shall be from stainless steel material. The shell
shall be equipped with full draining system, quick opening access doors, and flanged gas
inlet and outlet connections.
Countercurrent Packed Tower Wet Scrubber
Type PWS-S.
Fume Scrubber Description .
The fume scrubber is a single stage unit with mist elimination provision. Operation of the
fume scrubber is as follows. Water is pumped from the scrubber sump through a reticulated
PVC piping system to a spray header assembly in the upper body of the scrubber. The water
is discharged inside the scrubber body via PVC spray nozzles onto the scrubber bed which
consists of high efficiency packing. The fumes are separated from the gas stream by the
process of impingement, and the resultant contaminated liquor is carried down to the sump
of the scrubber by gravity. The gas stream then passes through a mist elimination bed where
any remaining entrained moisture is removed by the process of impingement and drained
to the sump of the scrubber by gravity.
Site connections are required for the following services .
A mains pressure make-up line is to be fitted to the ball float valve connection located under
the lower viewing port. It recommended that an isolation valve is installed upstream of the
ball float valve to permit isolation of the water supply and servicing of the float valve.
A drain connection is provided for connection to the site drainage system. This outlet
incorporates the overflow provision for the fume scrubber and should be processed
through a waste treatment facility before being disposed of.
Hydrodynamic Wet Scrubber Type HWS .
The hydrodynamic type collectors are classified in the medium energy category. Usually, the
gas stream is made to impinge on the surface of the scrubbing liquid and is forced through constrictions where the gas velocity is increased and where the liquid-gaseous-particulate interaction occurs. Collection efficiency is about 90 to 94% for 2-um particles. Water usage
for orifice collectors is limited to evaporation loss and removal of collected pollutants.
HWS type.
Wet scrubber are constructed of welded mild steel plate reinforced with rolled steel angles, theunit consists of two main section – the main reservoir and the upper assembly, connected by a flanged horizontal joint above the water surface. Access doors are sited at all strategic points. All internal surfaces are treated with three coats of hard surface bituminous paint corrosion hazards. Stainless steel can be employed. External surfaces are protected by primer or other finish according to the customer's requirement.
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