Lead  Refining

Bag House Dust Collector type Dalamatic

Foundry – Metal – Pollution Control


Provide a pollution abatement solution for lead smelting and refining factory, for gases from 8 kettles of different diameters, therefore comply with the regulation for the indoor and emissions at chimney exit.


Theextraction from kettles is designated between two systems total gas flow 73,000m3/hr. each hood was tailor made for accommodating the fumes preventing exposure of the operator to the toxic fumes.

The systems also included Donalson (UK) bag house dust collectors were assembled at site, Hammam pre-separation cyclones, heavy duty fans, screw conveyers, rotary valves, lime feeders,    and service platforms provided, electrical control panels and fume handling duct work.


Successfully completed and higher than required cleaning efficiency was measured, and recorded.