Fertiliz manufacturing


An Agro Fertilizing manufacturing plant is given by the governmental authorities 30 days to comply with the Egyptian Environmental Low for pollution limits in the workplace and the emissions into the surrounding area, OR premises closure.    


Hammam Expert checked the manufacturing process, analyzed, discussed with the factory chemist, received a turn-key contract and completed the job before notice period ends.

The work scope included: Five extraction connections from the filling machine, exhaust from the room space through air registers, One giant specially designed hood for liquidation pool, Two extraction hoods from the drums and ducting network for the entire system.

Main system equipment included, Hammam Vertical Packed Bed Countercurrent Tower35,000, cu.m./hr. capacity, 4kW scrubbing liquid recirculation pump,55kW gas extraction Fan, Chemical dosing and accessories.


All pollution levels measurement are within the limits, therefore the factory is to enjoy continuation.