Odor / Gas Control


To undertake the responsibility to create a design, manufacture and supply within limited short time, a deep bed scrubbers to operate at 99.5+% ammonia gas removal efficiencies from the contaminated fresh air flow supplied into the air conditioning system of the process control room in the under construction ammonia plant in Egypt.


Hammam Experts studied the contract specification, and the quality assurance conditions which specified the equipment must comply with NFPA 70, Article 100, and NFPA 70, the general and the particular technical specification, engineered and received technical approvals for a One unit of 6,800 m3/hr air flow capacity, with (2200 W x 2500 H x 2500 L) overall dimensions.

The unit housing is constructed from aluminum profile self-supporting frame work and insulated double skin insulated panels, stainless steel sheet in the outside, aluminum sheet inside, Inlet as well as outlet air plenum are provided to suit installation conditions.

The unit accommodated high pressure industrial fan, pre-filter bank, and two deep beds with chemical media total volume of 3.18 m3 in stainless steel 316 containers, magnehelic pressure gauges and final filter.


The unit was successfully built in Hammam factory, delivered to job site, installed, put into operation, tested and accepted for efficiency and excellent performance.