Chemical Processing


To provide dust control solution for the entire production process, Packaging, bagging area and storage for a factory manufacturing OMO washing powders.


Two Donaldson dust collectors with cartridge filter of the type “Down Low Oval” equipped with an automatic reversed compressed air jet cleaning system were installed. Due to the nature of the dust “Detergent Powder” we used the cartridges “Ultra web Spunbound (SB)” with filter efficiency 99.999% for particles of 1µi.e. filtration class M.

Beside the two Donaldson dust collectors our solution involved extraction fans, fan accessories such as damper valve to adjust the air flow, silencer, ducting, dust disposal system with rotary airlock with big bag connection adapter, electrical and mechanical connections.


The systems were successfully commissioned, balanced according to the design flow for each suction point and handed over with the necessary documentation.