Mist Evaporation

FOG Cannon (Mist Evaporators) type MISTJET

Coal - Cement- Minerals –

 Pollution Control


To develop a new product from Hammam for a customer needs for to increase the production from existing evaporation ponds and further reduce thearea of the bonds by introducing an effective additional means of evaporation for enhancing the existing solarevaporation.


Hammam research and development team, discussed with the client the particulars of his need for the evaporation rate, the specifics of operation means since the unit will be floating in the lake, and has to change blowing direction according to the wind direction, all the time.

Hammam powerful vane axial fan ATD were selected from Hammam standard range, the unit was fully designed, built and tested at Hammam factory.


MISTGET is successfully implemented on the floating bed, as seen in the picture.