Steel Scrap Cutting


In one of the largest Rebar and Flat steel producing companies in the Middle East, the process of steel makinggenerates bulks of scrap mixed with slag that need to be cut into suitable sizes to be reused. During the cutting process yellow fumes produced, that must be captured and filtered, to get rid of the fumes., as well as improve the working environment for the scrap cutting worker.


Hammam Expert completed a turn-key job from design, supplu and installation, putting into initial operation and carrying reliability tests the following main equipment:

  • Hammam pulse jet cleaning  dust collector type XLC 3-36, capacity 27,000 m3/hr. gas flow
  • CBI extraction fan type KB 30, with outlet silencer
  • Hammam tailored design hoods inside an air tight metal enclosure
  • Hammam innovated  flame arrestors and high efficiency cyclones
  • Compressed air system complete and hookup
  • Air ducts including dampers and other accessories
  • Instrumentation devices, power and control panels


The system when put in operation proved the aility to filter NOx, CO and SOx, along with steel dust, and metaloxides fumes, the analysis proved full compliance with the project requirement and the applicable environmental law and regulation