Cutting & Grinding


Most of metal and acrylic sanitary ware manufacturing plant uses grinding /polishing cabinets as a main step of production, and they face a problem because of the dust generated from these operations and it affects badly on the manpower health and also on the cleanness of the place.


Hammam Expert designed ade-dusting system forcontrolling the dust emissions inside the workplace. The dusty air is transported through ducting toHammam pulse jet cartridge  filter / dust collector type XLC 4-32filtration/ collection unit, which provide a clean surrounding to enhance the production efficiency, qualityand cleanness of the cabinet, also enhance the performance of the workers.

The dust in this application is not explosive therefore explosion risk prevention was considered.


•   A good result refers to the dust extraction from the cabinet without affecting the manpower health, and a clean environment in surrounded production areas, was successfully achieved.