Battery Manufacturing

Impingement Plate Wet Scrubber IWS Foundry – Pollution Control


Vehicle Battery manufacturing plant obliged to take necessary measure in order to comply with environmental low limits for pollution emissions from 3 rotary furnaces for plate drying, 6nos. Lead plate casting stations. Turn-Key project


Three air extraction systems capacities 21000, 12000 and 15000 m3/hour, with three Hammam Impingement scrubbers for Particulates& Gases were installed and ducted to a 20 off custom designed hoods to fit every type of the operation terminal.  The designed by Hammam Expert Impingement baffles were made of stainless steel grade 316, whereas the droplet eliminators were made of FRP.


Particulates Collection Efficiency achieved was > 95% for particles 5 microns in size or larger, and Particulates Collection Efficiency>88% for particles 1.5 microns.