Paper Mills

Venturi Wet Scrubber type HVS


In a Paper Mill Significant amount of dust is produced during reeling, unwinding, and slitting of paper rolls. This dust causes many problems to printing machines and can impair the printing quality. Moreover, it affects working environment, causes health problems, and increases fire risk. Working with coated or calendared paper rolls decreases the amount of dust but at higher cost. In addition the winder area is usually cleaned with pressurized air blowers causing clouds of fiber dust to rise in the air, and therefore, employees and operators need respiratory masks in order to survive the environment


Two HAMMAM Venturi Wet Scrubbers Stations where designed and installed for serving three winding lines.  The main equipment’s can be summarized in the following:

One Hammam Scrubber Type HVS 220, 36,000 m3/hr.

• One Hammam Scrubber Type HVS 330, 90,000m3/hr.

• 34 extraction points equipped with slotted hoods.

• Three air extraction industrial fans, each 90 kW.

Three electrically operated volume control dampers.

• Negative High & medium pressure construction piping.

• Noise Control silencers and acoustic system. 

• Air and water instrumentation and control devices


Have successfully achieved a Clean and Safe Environment Inside the work space, and No dust spread into the surrounding atmosphere, thus fully complying with the International workspace and Local regulations.