Storage & Shipping Yards


Reduction of people safety and the environmental impact, of coal storage piles in an open yard.


A number of Hammam Mist Jet Dust control system is proposed for controlling the dust generated during the handling of coal material in the storage yard.

"Water mist" Dust control system uses medium pressure water mist spray through carefully designed hollow cone nozzles for controlling the dust generated at the falling point of storage yard.

The system works on the principle of "agglomeration" of the dust particles with the mist spray and settling them on the material being handled.

Hammam Mist Jet units featuring:

  • Environmental Friendly as only Water is used for Effective dust control
  • No compressed air or steam required for atomization of water
  • 100 % dust control
  • Very less water consumption - 80 % compared to conventional spray systems


The best reductions in dust deposition (up to 80%) have been assured, and proven to be cost effective comparing with different types of wind breaks, shelter belts, coating chemical, etc.