Venturi Wet Scrubber type HVS Foundry – Metal Pollution Control

Venturi Wet Scrubber type HVS Foundry – Metal

Pollution Control



Design and Supply of furnace exhaust in a Gold Mine Project (Turn-Key).


The desired volume of gases resulting from metal melting furnace is extracted by means of an adjustable throat Venturi Scrubber Hammam Industries type HVS 130, 10,800 Nm3/hr. integrated with a pre-cooler, mist separator, 5 m3 capacity liquid recirculation tank and settling buffer tank, all in stainless steel construction.

The scrubber package included CBI Heavy duty Fan model SB 80II power by 55 kW WEG motor, Re-circulation Pump centrifugal, made of stainless steel 316, fan outlet manual volume control damper for achieving the desired air volume based on actual system curve. The fan outlet is also equipped with silencer for lower noise level.

The entire package of the scrubber unit including piping, instrumentation and the electrical control panel was supplied on skid mounted ready to connect and operate.


  • Successfully achieved a removal of particulate size down to 0.2 microns with >90% efficiency, 98% for 1 micron, and soluble chemical reactive aerosols up to 95%.
  • Successful recovery of gold particles from the slurry before draining.