Lead Factory

Bag House Dust Collector type PJF

Foundry Pollution Control



Provide a pollution abatement solution for gases emitted from two rotary furnaces in a lead smelting and refining factory, for controlling the pollutants levels inside the workplace and emissions at chimney exit.


Two independent but identical systems each of 61.000 m3/hr flow capacity is to serve one rotary furnace, using Donaldson (UK) pulse jet nomex bags dust collectors  with cyclone pre-filtration, pre-cooling arrangement, lime feeders, settling chambers, gas flow control motorized dampers, and Hammam patented flame arrester for protecting the filter media, were installed complete with the electric control panel with auto protection devices and control circuits, thus the investments is safe. 


Third party carried the measurement and accepted the work being fully fulfilling the regulation levels set by the Egyptian environmental law.