Marine & Offshore


Hammam is to comply with the marine standard, and receive technical approval from Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL SE.) in accordance with DNV GL SE Rules for Classification and Construction -I Ship Tech – 1 Seagoing Ships - 21 Ventilation, Edition 2014.

For Offshore oil rig ship,  provide, on a Turn-Key base, ONE air supply systems to be provided and installed for supplying the additional outdoor fresh air into the engine room for offsetting the additional heat emissions resulting from installation of New 2M Gen-set.


Air supply systems capable for supplying the required additional 95,000 m3/hr. against the system static pressure resistance was provided by means of DNV certified axial fan 1400mm diameter, directly driven by 42 kW electric motor, equipped with Fan Fungiform Cowls, ON/OFF industrial heavy duty parallel blades Dampers to be installed below the fan, connected to fan air outlet.

The system also included aset of air distribution ducting of robust constriction,consist of main duct and two duct branches to be installed directly above the generator, blowing down the air by means of manually adjustable air deflectors directly to the desired spots.

Motor Control Center, was provided and located next to the client main switch gear panel by Hammam, including DNV certified, marine typeincoming cabling and outgoing cabling to fan motor.


This offshore challenge work was timely completed, approved by the client, commissioned and put into continuous operation.