Metal Works

In a steel wire drawing, shredding and milling manufacturing plant, the milling, handling and packing processes is generating dust indoor and casing pollution in the surrounding. It is proven that such steel dust is flammable and explosive; therefore the design for an extraction and filtering system must consider high safety precautions.
For the entire manufacturing process from milling upto packing Hammam Experts provided a safe and efficient two de-dusting systems, one system forfiltering the dust generated at the process cyclones, the second system for accommodating and filtering dust generated at other locations for which a localized hoods and connections to the machines were provided and connected to the systems through air volume control devices.
The scope included two Hammam high efficiency Venturi wet scrubber’s type HVS 130 capacity 19,000 m3/hr. and scrubber type HVS 160 capacity of 10,000 m3/hr. , extraction fans, customized hoods, production cyclones, circular heavy duty ducting, explosion relief panels, service and control facilities.
The system was put into operation; pollution abatement measurements were far below required,  accepted and appreciated by the client.