Food Processing

Sugar Crusher Machinein food industries, specially the sweet and cake factories, generate a sugar dust which involve explosion risk due to settling of sugar dust on cable trays, electric panels and machines non smooth surfaces,  this is beside the dust cloud in production area.  And from the economic wise, there’s a large amount of sugar wastes because of the crushing process.
Being an interrupted characteristic process, Hammam Expertchosen to use a shaker cleaning dust collector type SDC 48 E 10 to collect particles sizes with designed a dust collector system with shaker cleaning to collect the dust from 4 connections in the machine and from customized hood capturing the dust emission from the tipping point in the operation.
In compliance with food safety standard, all ducts, hoods and collection bins was made of stainless steel 316.
  • No Dust accumulation in the Room.
  • NO explosions risks
  • A great saving in the wasted material.
Similar applications
Hammam SDC type dust collector is commonly used for food Industries using sugar in the production process.